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July 27, 2018


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Dave Turner
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Diane Prescott
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Alex Ridge
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Thanks for choosing PLAE! Your project has been invoiced and you should have received an invoice email. Once payment terms are met, we will put the order into production. Our Accounts Receivable Manager will reach out weekly with payment reminders until initial payment terms are met.


Your order is in the manufacturing stage which means that your material is currently being produced. Your Project Manager will reach out to inform you of your estimated ship and delivery dates. We can move out dates based on your timeline if needed. Just please make sure to let your PM know 7 business days prior to the ship date we provide to avoid storage fees.


Your Project Manager will need to confirm all delivery details prior to shipping so please fill out the order confirmation link they provide. We cannot ship your order without a completed order confirmation. Your PM will also send you a tracking sheet detailing your shipments. Be sure to pay the final balance on your order prior to your ship date so we can release all your materials.


Your order is in transit and on its way to the delivery location you provided. Unless you arranged to receive material early, your designated install crew will be on site to offload all the material on the day of delivery. You will receive a tracking sheet (with your lead installer’s info at the bottom) detailing all deliveries including equipment and dumpster rentals so you’re in the loop about everything that will deliver to site.

During installation, your PM will reach out for anything needing your approval or to alert you of any issues. We require that someone be available to sign off on site for any customization in the room such as waterjet logos, platforms, etc. Before the crew leaves, they will walk the site with you and have you sign off on their work, listing out any punch items that may need to be addressed before they leave.


Your order has delivered! You should be receiving an email with warranty and maintenance documents for your specific products. If you need installation instructions, they can be found on our website at Thank you again for choosing PLAE and enjoy your new flooring!

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